Saturday, June 12, 2004

Musical Good Twin, Evil Twin

Stewart suggests I need a good night out to cheer me up and I have to agree.

We meet at the restaurant and then head on drinking, discovering as we go how closely our musical tastes align (we fear we are the only NME readers over 30…).

By 2am we are happily pissed and singing along to The Fall’s Victoria in Big Hands on Oxford Road. Happy days!

It is at this point that a new musical theory is suggested by Stewart although I’m not convinced it’s up to Dan’s standards.

Basically his concept is that for every great band/act there is an equal and opposite evil/rubbish alternative. Good twin, bad twin if you like. For example:
Patti Smith – Celine Dion
The Stone Roses – The Mock Turtles
Eminem – Vanilla Ice
PWEI – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
Elvis - Cliff
PJ Harvey – Sheryl Crow
Super Furry Animals – The Stereophonics

The theory is modified as we decide that certain good acts have also become or been at one time their own evil twin. These include:
Morrissey (Finsbury Park anyone?)
The Rolling Stones

Of course it all begins to unravel and Stewart and I part company when I refute his absurd claim that Marillion, Pink Floyd and Kiss could be anybody’s good twin.

I take everything back I said about his musical tastes. The man was also a goth it transpires…

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