Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Indecisive Twins

Have you ever had it when your brain is so tired of making big decisions that suddenly it shuts down when faced with a simple one. What shoes go with this outfit? Which pub should we meet in? Do you want fries with that?

Sometimes in moments of synchronicity you find yourself with a friend who is caught in the same cycle of procrastination, which can prove disastrous. In the most serious cases it can even result in missing last orders.

Other times it’s not such a problem and prompted by Caroline I shall now relay our shameful tale.

The scene: Saturday evening in Caroline’s kitchen, where L1z and Caroline having stared at the fridge for a good few minutes have somehow managed to decide on fresh pasta accompanied by a freshly prepared (by people at Bertolli) crispy vegetable and tomato sauce.

L1z: Do you think that’s enough water to boil the pasta in?

Caroline and L1z stare at pan of boiling water.
Caroline and L1z stare at each other.
Caroline and L1z stare at pan.
Caroline and L1z stare at each other again.

Eventually the deadlock is broken with:

Caroline: Shall we ring for a pizza?

Thank the Lord for Dominos eh? And it only took us 15 minutes to decide on toppings!

I suppose we should be thankfully there was no Gordon Ramsey present. Mind you, come Sunday lunchtime we have another go and turn out a fine and scrumptious feast of pasta in sauce. We obviously just needed to sleep on that critical water decision…

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