Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ops Weekend

After a grand night in the pub and back at the bar in the lodge, we’re up bright and early(ish) to kick off the Ops meeting for Greenbelt.

This is our last operation’s planning weekend before the festival and as ever it’s pretty intensive. To add to the challenges this year we are using several new parts of the site to accommodate the growing festival. Some of those I won’t mention here (wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone not already in the know!), but one that I think is pretty common knowledge is the use of the new Centaur building.

This weekend is the chance to really get to grips with how we’re going to make that work as a venue. It’s fantastic to be able to stand in there and imagine the various programme items coming to life. I think it will be a fantastic addition to the festival.

In the evening Pete and Jan lay on a fabulous barbeque for us and it’s a great chance to chill out and spend time with each other. When we get back to the lodge, I actually do the sensible thing and head to bed rather than join the late night drinking session. This is probably a first, but I’m conscious I’m still recovering from the killer throat infection.

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