Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Kitchen Table

You know those conversations that you have with good friends, over a drink and some grub, sat around the kitchen table, putting the world to rights? Well Greenbelt's Table group is a small collection of folk from different parts of the organsiation who attempt to replicate that effect once a month through most of the year.

We discuss, dream, plot, laugh and generally provide a space where thoughts and ideas can be thrashed around a bit.

Once a year we hold a wider session called the Kitchen Table where we look at a few key areas and get input from a wider range of folk.

Somehow my small 'grace' piece in front of eight people around a table has got out of hand and this afternoon I find myself cacking myself in front of a room of about 100 people (rough number, I was attempting not to focus too much). I cannot convey how much this puts me outside my comfort zone.

Small meeting where I know my topic, not an issue. Big room, not speaking on my forte, absolutely nerve ridden.

I *think* it went ok.

Sincere thanks to the people who said nice things about it afterwards - I suspect many won't imagine how out of my depth I feel doing stuff like that and their kind words meant a huge amount.

After rest of the event was wrapped up and we cornered DC and gave him his leaving gift, it was off to Brick Lane for a curry and some drinks. Time to wish another Dave bon voyage. I'd kind of got used to his Tigger like ways - there'll be a hole.

Curry eaten, pints downed, J, G and I head with E back to her lovely flat in Lewisham. Obviously we all go straight to bed and don't sit up giggling and drinking.

Personally I blame Steve, who frankly promised to ring us at 3am and tell us to "shut-up and go to sleep!".

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steve said...

yeah I would have but I was asleep at 3am - one look at you four and it was obvious that was gonna happen - not one fully formed adult amongst you :)