Sunday, February 01, 2009


After a little sleep the four of us head to Greenwich for an early lunch. Pizza Express with some of the loveliest ladies in my world - top times.

After J heads home, E and I show G around Greenwich, a quick troll towards the observatory and around the market. Efforts to convince her to buy a silly wooly hat fail, but she does find a lovely dress.

As we walk over to the riverfront the rejection of the wooly hat starts to feel like a mistake as within a space of minutes blues skies and sunshine give way to swirling snow cloud and Canary Wharf disappears in front of our eyes.

We have an American Beauty moment as the winds swirl the first tiny, light flakes of snow across the paved river front in mesmirising eddies akin to the northern lights.

It's truly breathtaking, but so is the biting cold, so we head back to E's for some final goodbyes before G and I wend our various ways home (my journey nearly comes to disaster as I fail to find the correct local overground rail station, I just make my Manchester train in time and hence can find E's admission of "oh sorry I'm terrible with lefts and rights" very entertaining!).

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