Sunday, February 08, 2009

Black Leg

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably admit that as well as the rather magnificent shoes purchased yesterday, I may also have found a rather splendid pair of biker boots in the Kurt Geiger sale, that were in need of a good home.

In my defence I would like it noted that:

a. they were in the sale reduced from £130 to £40 (bargain!).
b. I've been looking for a decent pair of biker boots for ages.
c. my spa ratio (shoes per annum) had dropped to seriously low levels in the latter part of 2007.
d. I don't need your approval.

The dilemma now is that I don't currently have any skinny or straight cut jeans that will suit.

Last night, over curry, the wonderful K advised that Matalan do some cheap as chips skinny black Falmers. Cheap is good (the downside of a high quality shoe habit is the impact on one's disposable income), so today I pop to the shops.

I eventually find a selection of likely sizes (QA in cuts not being a Matalan forte) in the pile of randomly labelled and stacked jeans and head to the changing room.

As I peel off the last pair I notice what appears to be huge bruise on my leg. I start to get alarmed as closer examination reveals that the bruise spreads over almost the entirety of my lower leg.

And my other leg.

And my hands.

And...what's this here? A label tied on the jeans advising that you wash before wear as dye may transfer to other items.

They ain't kidding! I'm left unsure whether to be cross that they're so shoddy that I need to head straight home and shower, or relieved that I don't have some terrible leg illness.

They are however hideously cheap...even after you factor in the cost of a washing machine run and an extra shower.

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