Sunday, February 15, 2009

We came. we saw, we ate far too much pizza

The long anticipated girlie weekend finally transpired.

Passng swiftly over the fact that all four of us were free on Valentine's weekend, it was a joy to spend time with these lovelies.

After Friday night putting the world to rights at Caroline's, we ventured to the shops to do what girls do best on a spare Saturday, ie shop, chat, drink coffee, chat, eat Nandos and chat.

Caroline bought the fiercest pair of puce leather boots and Sally a gorgeous burgundy colour pair of suede lovelies. Both in the sale in Moda in Pelle and additionally helping each other out in the buy-one-get-one-half-price deal. Nice one. This is why it's important to hunt in packs.

Kathryn arrived at lunchtime, but caught up admirably in the most amazing purge of M&S I've ever witnessed. Fabulous items that looked so good on.

Myself I was persuaded into a teal coat that I would never have considered colour wise if it wasn't for my compadre's urging and a rather lovely, gathered charcoal grey top from Whistles.

Our evening's entertainment is provided courtesy of The Paintworks and comprises one part flamenco style band and one part laughing at the size of the amazing pizzas that take over our table.

Beautiful thin stonebaked style, with the freshest tastiest of quality produce as toppings. From sunblush tomatoes that explode with flavour, to amazing chorizo, rich gorgonzola and beautiful mussles (not all on the same pizza), the flavours are nearly as vast and impressive as the scale of the offering. Let's just say it was possibly a mistake to add garlic bread to the order and Kathryn took food home to her household.

Sunday was a lovely lazy morning followed by a lighter soup and bread lunch before it was time to get the train home.

A wonderful weekend that left me refreshed on so many levels.

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