Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creating Holes

With little time for preparation I had to rather throw together the opening thought for this evening's festival meeting in London.

Once in a blue moon however, an idea just descends instantaneously.

Whether thoughts about how art reveals truths, challenges us to look at things in different ways, managed to transfer from my head (where they made sense) to the wise souls gathered is hard to judge. I often fear with these things that such thoughts only make sense in my fevered brain.

The general thrust was about "creating holes" in the walls that exist in our lives, society, world. This piece of art from the separation wall in Bethlehem particularly spoke to me.

It reads: "When the Bay Bridge fell in the last San Francisco earthquake, we learned that structures resonate to a frequency. A vibration that matches their internal rhythm can bring them down. Massive structures tremble and a fence is only as strong as its point of attachment to its base"

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