Sunday, January 18, 2009

London Redux

Back to London for the second time in a week (God bless the newly improved West Coast Mainline and the final end to tortuously slow Sunday journeys).

Two events bring me south.

Firstly on Saturday the Palestinian trip folk have a reunion at MW's house. A time to regather, discuss our post-trip experiences/actions and plan for what we do next.

The events in Gaza have obviously effected all of us deeply - anything we can do seems like a drop in an ocean. At times it's hard to remember that oceans are built up of tiny drops.

Amos Trust have long supported Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City which is administered by the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem. The news coming out (when it can) is devastating.

Amos have launched an emergency appeal - if you can spare anything to donate to this please click here.

Post meeting G, G, G and I (hmmmmm I seem to have the wrong initial for this), enjoy a lovely meal at Tower Hill, which affords some much to be appreciated quality time.

I then I head south of the river to my folks place and after a good night's sleep, we celebrate my dad's birthday with a lovely lunch out. So lovely to spend time with Mum and Dad, even if it is just for a few hours.

Come the evening it's time to head home. It's a good job I arrived at Euston in good time as the train had been rescheduled and left a few minutes earlier than the time on my ticket stated.

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paul.chambers said...

twas good to see theeeee... and i had forgotten our dad's shared the same date of birth....