Friday, October 10, 2008

Where will it end

Swimming may be something I enjoy and may be an exercise that suits my back problems, but it's not all plain sailing. First there was the incompatibility of swimming properly and contact lenses, so I invested in an attractive pair of goggles.

Then the chlorine started wrecking my hair and I had to buy special shampoo, intensively condition and invest in an oh so attractive swim cap.

Then the chlorine started wrecking my skin, so I had to give swimming a miss for months whilst the steroid creams put things right.

Then, when I restarted swimming, my ears' tolerance to the chlorine had disappeared so I had to experiment with ear plugs.

Now to complete (oh dear lord please let this be the last indignity), my nasal cavities decided they had also had enough and so tonight I experiment with my new purchase.

Maybe it's time to find an alternative sport or one of the rumoured non-chlorine pools...

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