Friday, October 03, 2008

The Old Lady Incident

Well it's very lovely discovering that some of you are still out there. God bless feed readers eh?

However, amongst the positive, lovely, welcome back comments, there's one comment that stands out in contrast.

Evil Harv has alluded to an omission in my summary of highlights; though it's unclear whether he believes it is something I did for the first time or an item of regular repetition...

So anyway, my version of the story goes like this:

Whilst undertaking the pilgrimage hike around Iona, we had to cross a stile. One person after the other.

As I swung my second leg over the stile, I may have accidentally, lightly grazed, the face of the person behind me with my foot. The foot in question might possibly have been encased in a large walking boot and the face in question may have belonged to a sweet little old lady.

In fact, if you can visualise in your mind, the sweetest, littlest, old lady, you're about right.

Said lady was very lovely about it, said I'd hardly made contact (there was no evidence of harm) and claimed she'd done more damage earlier to someone else whose hand she'd stepped on.

Harvey's version of this tale is something along the lines of: "1iz kicked a sweet little old lady in the face".

In moments of particular evil, he was even heard to expand on this version to suggest her face flew back and blood exploded from her broken features.

I leave you dear readers to decide which version you chose to adopt as truth.


Cal said...

Well, I was there. But sadly I didn't witness the incident itself only the aftermath, so sadly cannot be called upon to give reliable evidence as to whose version of events is correct.

1 i z said...

Hi Cal - oooh does this mean I know you?

As for deciding which reporter to believe I think you'll find there's a fairly big clue re trustworthiness in the name "Evil Harv"...

Cal said...

It does indeed. Now you just have to work out who I am! (

Shouldn't be too hard, the clue's pretty much there in the name and I think I did mention when we were up there that I'd read your blog before)