Tuesday, October 07, 2008


When life gets rocky it can be hard to relax and chill.

So when you do manage to achieve it, sat on a bench at Liverpool Street underground station, iPod on, reading a book, waiting for a tube-train west, its best not to do it so well that it takes a while for you to clock that maybe the delay is getting just a tad concerning if you're going to make the last train north.

The lack of data on the scrolling signs at said station have never been more annoying.

Having eventually established that no service is coming anytime soon, I leg it across to Moorgate and by running up and down all the escalators in between, make it to Euston with just a minute or two to spare before the last train pulls out.

Relaxing can result in untold stress.

Of course the fact that my Oyster card gets charged £1.50 for the pleasure of a wasted 15mins at Liverpool Street is just extra annoying.

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