Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Introduction

Writing a blog is a funny old business; I'm sure there's as many different reasons for the enterprise as there are bloggers.

My reasons have general been centred around a desire to write for my own personal pleasure and purposes (a journal in a format that works for me), with a side order of allowing/acknowledging an audience of friends and associates in the realm of keeping in touch with a friendship circle that spans multiple counties and countries.

Usually the decision of what to and what not to blog is relatively straightforward, but right now I'm struggling. The cause of the struggle? A week spent in Palestine.

A week that leaves me with emotions and thoughts tumbling out one upon another; experiences and reflections I want to capture, deconstruct, consider, challenge and ultimately absorb.

Writing is one of my turn-to tools for getting my head straight about things, but right now I'm not entirely sure it's a process best undertaken in the public glare.

It’s certainly unlikely to not make the most interesting of reading to third parties, so as I get round to posting entries from last week, don’t feel obliged to read.

More than ever, it really is more about me than you ;-)

Or, you know, maybe just look at the pictures...


Merlin said...

Well, for one, I thank you for posting. I am going to have to read it again once I have digested but it is thought provoking (and can only be a part of what you experienced). The sad thing seems to be that they really aren't that different (I have heard the Palestinians described as the Jews of the AArab world). How did somewhere so special give rise to so much hate?

sally said...

I agree with merlin, I have been moved by reading your knows the theory, the politics, but the reality and how people's lives are affected day in day out, is another story..and you tell it so well: you write very well for an engineer!!!! Thank you for sharing xxx

Rob (the ergonomist). said...

I'm glad you did share. You were our eyes, ears and soul (for the information from the eyes and ears needs interpretation) in that place; acting very much in the way of the true journalists from an all-but-forgotten age.

Caroline said...

i love reading it too, thankyou for making me think...and worry....i have very mixed thoughts about what you write and the experiences you speak (write) about.
and i love you for writing it