Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I have a theory that there is a word or phrase in every accent that is just perfect.

For example a Geordie ordering 'profiteroles', or someone from Belfast buying a 'power shower'.

On a similar tip, it's entirely appropriate that Fazakerley is a suburb of the great city of Liverpool and hence hopefully referred to occasionally by the kids from the Milk/Accrington Stanley advert of yester-year.

I've never been myself, but today I came close. After a long tiring day in the deep, dark wilds of Cumbria (it rained. a lot.) I wearily headed off down the M58 in search of Fazakerley hospital and M who had enjoyed the dubious pleasure of having a hole drilled in his head the day before.

As I exited off the motorway, my phone peeped and having pulled into a car park I see a new voicemail message. It's from M, from 10am, but clearly the lack of signal all day has delayed its delivery.

Yes you've guessed it, early discharge for good behaviour.


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