Tuesday, October 21, 2008


After lunch, we travel out to the edge of the Judean desert in search of a little of that wilderness experience and sit on the dust and stones for a time of reflection led by a guy called S@mi.

I’d love to tell you more about it all, but frankly I was a little distracted by trying desperately not to react as small local boys attempted to lure the tourist dollar from us via offers of trinkets for sale “my mother took three days to make this”.

Initially they’d respected W’s request that they give us space until we’re finished and then they could attempt to ply their trade, but clearly we’re taking too long and patience is failing and donkeys have been fetched as an added inducement, with whispered suggestions of “you ride? you ride?”.

It’s incredibly hard to ignore a donkey snuffling around your foot as its ears brush your legs, but this is a battle of wills and it’s clear that the merest hint of reaction or eye contact and all will be lost.

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