Thursday, October 09, 2008


There really ought to be a term for that feeling you experience when you walk out of an office and pause to look left and right in a bemused manner, trying to remember where on earth you parked the car this morning.

It happens to me often enough that a word or term would be useful.

Altogether rarer an experience is the occasion when said moment is followed a few seconds later by the dawning realisation that actually you caught the train in this morning.

On a sliding scale however, this is still middle of the range, to get towards the extreme of the spectrum you'd have to consider the moment that occurs of a morning, when someone opens a garage and for an awful moment thinks their car has been stolen, before the deeper depths of their memory banks stir and they realise that actually they did take the car in yesterday after all.

Having colleagues that have explored the lands at the end of the spectrum in such ways, makes it easier to feel ok about the occasions when it takes me a second to remember where I parked.

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