Thursday, December 28, 2006


A nasty incident on the motorway leaves me shaken and I’m relieved to make it finally to P&S’s new home in Wolverhampton. Their care immediately enfolds me – I couldn’t be in a better place.

Already the house is feeling more like a home then their previous one (which S actively loathed) ever did. Something about it just feels good; maybe it’s that the ‘work space’ is very distinctly separated, or maybe it’s the shape and vibe of the place. Still some decorating to do and boxes a plenty still to unpack, but it feels like their place and that in itself feels like a second home.

In fact the only drawback to the new house seems to be that is surrounded by derelict buildings and hence isolated rather from their nearest neighbours.

All in all though they seem to have settled in well and I can see that they’re going to be happy here. Visiting with them almost instantly feels so familiar and comfortable.

My room (and yes I am allowed to call it that – it has been officially named thus) is lovely; nice colour, its own sink and an interesting view over the ladies of the night out the front…

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Caroline said...

slightly after the event - whatever that was - but have a huge hig now anyway. love you