Saturday, December 30, 2006


With a new kitchen with cupboards unsuited to her more diminutive stature, S is after a spice rack. Our searches of stores in Wolverhampton, suggest that these have been left in the 70’s and 80’s where they generally belong.

So in the absence of being able to provide such an item as a house-warming present, we settle instead for a trip to the renowned and rather plush Bilash restaurant.

Our starters are fabulous and worthy of a price tag in excess of the usual curry house. The main courses are good, very good even, but the prices are steep and we leave impressed with the quality, but suitably chastised by the bill to not be in any great hurry to return.

Compared to P&S’s first disastrous attempt to find a good curry house in Wolverhampton , it’s more of an success, but I don’t think they’ve found a ‘home’ just yet.

Walking home we extend our route and tour S’s new parish. The pattern of burnt out and boarded up properties that is evident immediately around the vicarage, is representative of the parish as a whole; with the hospital and the steel works closed, employment and trade have disappeared and the remaining housing stock is run down and surrounded by empty derelict spaces. The area, does however have character and I can see P&S making a home here.

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