Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Strategy Day

I seem to be being pulled in umpteen different directions at the moment and hence a day out of the office is the last thing I need. However, a day reviewing and planning env1ronmental strategy for our UK operation in a small nature reserve’s visitors’ centre, has some compensations (even if a warm meeting room is not numbered among them).

Sometimes moving forward on this stuff can be slow; generally we make progress gradually, but frustratingly, sometimes we also slip backwards and hard won achievements are lost, usually following structural and management reshuffles. Tired of banging the same drums year on year and seeing successes come and go with the tides of organisational change, we decided a change of approach was required; time to get some of these issues sorted once and for all at a high and central level.

Without going into details, it seems to have worked. As hoped, gaining a mandate from the board has allowed us to successfully counter local resistance when experienced.

Hopefully we can now build on this and make best capital of the Road to Damascus moments our CEO has been having of late courtesy of Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

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