Saturday, December 30, 2006


Many, many years ago, when I was a child, my parents took us to Iron Bridge. I confess that in those days, the eng1neering gene hadn’t properly kicked in and my thoughts were pretty much “ok, it’s an ‘iron’ ‘bridge’, errrr what’s all the fuss about?”.

If anyone remembers the Absolutely sketches about the town council of Stoneybridge attempting to create tourist information and Olympic bid application films promoting their small Scottish town, you’ll get the general gist of my opinion back then.

Welcome to Ironbridge, with its errrrr, iron bridge.

So when P&S suggest a visit, I’m eager to revisit with a more educated eye. The bridge itself is nice enough, but it is its historic role that is impressive, something that didn’t really register on my first visit all those years ago.

The weather however, is less than impressive and after a mooch around in the drizzle we head to Enginuity and waste a few hours playing with all the hands-on attractions (much to the disgust of one mother with a pole up her arse).

I’d highly recommend it if you’ve got a day to kill in the West Midlands – just avoid the party hat wearing, juggling, wannabee children’s TV presenters, aka ‘demonstrators’. Shudder.

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