Saturday, December 16, 2006

Return to Manchester

After several months in the garage whilst insurance companies argued with warranty companies, P&S's car is at last ready for collection. Accordingly, we change plans and instead of me heading to Wolverhampton this weekend P&S return to Manchester.

Picking up the car takes longer than anticipated and hence by the time we make it to Dunham Massey it's time for lunch.

If there's one thing the National Trust tend to do well it's the coffee shop. S enjoys an excellent chestnut and vegetable bake, whilst P and I go for the rather fine looking turkey with all the trimmings.

The afternoon is spent walking around the grounds admiring the ancient herd of fallow deer.

Then it's back to mine for some chill time, before heading out to Rusholme (yes, I know, two nights running). For once the Punjab is not our destination and instead we chose to try the Sri Lankan and South Indian delights of King Cobra.

My Mustard Fish Curry, is superb - I don't think this first visit will be my last.

Their drive home may be slightly longer, but it's good to see P&S. They're really settling in to life in Wolverhampton it seems and already a long list of things to show me on my post-Christmas visit is developing.

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