Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Big words, no pictures

A rare evening in this evening and a phone call from Wolverhampton.

Good to catch up with S and P is in the background working on a report for the h0me 0ff1ce or as he describes it, big words no pictures.

Ironically, my work day has comprised of much the opposite as a large chunk of it was spent finding visual images to add to a 2 day training course.

Part of the introduction that my co-presenter covers, examines the history of s3w3rag3 in Liverpool. He covers this verbally, assisted by scribbled diagrams on the flip chart, but it would be nice to have something on the screen that complements this.

As ever Google is our friend, and I find a map of Liverpool’s s3w3rs from 1882 and a portrait of Jam3s N3wland, Britain’s first Borough Eng1neer and the brains behind the world’s first ever integrated s3w3rag3 system (in his year’s in office he succeeded in doubling the average life expectancy in the city – not a bad achievement by anyone’s standards).

As I run through the updated presentation with said colleague, we hit the slide in question and on seeing the image of what to me could be a.n.other Victorian gentleman, he remarks “ooh you found a picture of Jam3s N3wland!”.

Do you ever get the feeling you don’t take your work quite as much to heart as some of your co-workers?

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