Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Spirit Fire

For the last couple days a large part of W@rrington has stunk of gin and vodka.

The reason isn't the obvious, ie that living in W@rrington would drive any sane person to drink (there are reasons why I commute), but rather that a huge fire at the Greenalls distillery raged at the weekend.

Now I don't do gin (tis a foul abhorrence if you ask me) and their vodka brands are not ones I'd partake of if I had any choice, but they do produce one product that I know some of our circle have an affinity with.

Kathryn I particularly mean you love, so sit down before reading the next sentence.

The site is the home of Bombay Sapphire.

Happily I can confirm that whilst the BBC can't spell Greenalls correctly in their 'links to external sites' bit, their report that key stills survived intact is reliable. There's just a huge burnt out space where there was once a plant and warehouse.

So you might just need to bring your own bottle and ask it to be refilled direct...

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