Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Project Cancellation

I arrived in work this morning to find that the Client (having failed to reach agreement with the regulatory body), has pulled my project.

Effective immediate. Don't finish up what you're doing, don't take things to a natural break point, don't pass Go or collect £200.

Bit of a downer given how far we've taken the design and that I'd come up with a natty little solution that stood to make savings against budget of several million pounds (which my company would get a decent cut of).

Needless to say the mood in the office as we pack away files and archive data is not the best.

On the plus side though, I no longer care as to why the Mechanical Engineers spent 5 months saying we need two 'X's and then last week suddenly decided they really wanted three. I mean it's only a case of whole rafts of the design having been based around their original answer...not a problem to suddenly change your mind at the eleventh hour, oh no...

Obviously this issue is now something of a moot point and the fact that I don't now need to get to the bottom of it all and bang heads together is a little bit of silver lining at least.

Or so I'm trying to tell myself.

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