Monday, October 17, 2005


Bored on a Monday? Well here's a new pointless internet game for you: simple type "your-name needs" into google, complete with the speech marks (eg "l1z needs") and see what comes up.

Some people's results are scarily amusing. For example annoying colleague's name provides the result "X needs to button it occasionally".

I'll leave you to judge mine for yourself...there seem to be some themes...

  1. L1z needs a MAN! - well I don't think I'm so desperate as to need the capital letters thanks!

  2. l1z needs YOU! - putting 1 and 2 together, if you're male and reading this you should probably start feeling nervous about now...

  3. L1z needs catchy slogan - you mean you don't think I should just go with 1?

  4. l1z needs to be laundered - well I am starting to feel rather unclean...

  5. L1z needs to put a lid on it! - like we need the internet to tell us this bit of news ;-)

  6. ... L1z needs help, but she doesn't want to involve the police... - eek!

  7. Steve is really a private investigator, and that's just what L1z needs right now - well I suppose it's a good alternative to the policy, but which Steve are we talking about here?

  8. In the end L1z needs to satisfy one person ... herself - yeah who needs a man eh?

  9. l1z needs to start prozac or something NOW! - well yes this list is starting to depress me slightly

  10. L1z needs a doctor - presumably for the Prozac prescription?

  11. And just for good measure:

  12. I think L1z should dye her hair green:) L1z needs a life. - hmmm...I'm open to the idea of getting a life through hair colouring, but green? are we sure? with my complexion?

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