Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Annoying Colleague

The Annoying Colleague

Usually I tend to avoid writing much about work on this blog (obvious reasons...), but for the second time in a week I’m going to break that rule and defame a second colleague.

Our team includes Britain’s Most Annoying Man.

No really...we have the certificates and everything.

His particular crimes include incessant moaning about all that is wrong in his little world and banging on and on about the tiniest minutiae of his life to person after person. Coupled with his booming voice, this means that if you sit anywhere near him you hear the same dull story again and again and again and again and again...oh and maybe once more for good luck.

Topics can range from the intimate details of his dog’s gastric problems (blow by blow, meal by meal, excrement by excrement), the never ending dealings with his insurance company (sub clause by sub clause), his game of bridge last night (card by card), his journey to work (car by car, junction by junction) the problems he’s having with his pc’s proxy settings (click by click) and so on and so on.

Today however I feel we hit a new low. He brought in from home the cardboard packaging from a ready meal that he and the wife had cooked the previous night, in order to show us all how unclear the microwave directions were.

What kind of person does that?

Oh f***, what type of person then blogs about it?

I’m doomed.

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