Saturday, October 01, 2005

Scheduled Repeat

Today this blog will be running an updated repeat.

You know, a bit like one you've seen before but involving a return visit...

Karen Phil and Sarah has arranged a girlie night out at the cinema last night, but the plans crumble a little when we're delayed getting to Parrs Wood and discover that Pride and Prejudice is sold out even though we're there 20 mins before showtime £3.50 at Showcase - bargain!

After much discussion of other films (nothing else much worth seeing on) the wonders of WAP tell me there's an 8.45pm showing at AMC Great Northern.

So we dash into town and eventually find our way to the car park despite all the road closures due to building works (great signage: sign 1 "For Great Northern Car Park follow Diversion"; sign 2, 20 yards beyond "Diversion Ends").

Following the previous night's shenanigans we ensure we're at the cinema in plenty of time.

UnfFortunately we miss therefore catch the opening, but hopefully not and I'm reassured that the previous night we hadn't missed too much.

I was worried that it would suffer in comparison against the 1995 TV series to watching it for the first time, but it holds its own well.

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