Friday, May 20, 2005

Visitors - invite one, get one free!

The wonderful Sally is coming to Manchester for a weekend away from it all.

Predictable enough a certain DC can’t resist the idea of people having fun without him and this combined with heavy traffic on the M1 lead him to decide to call in at Manchester on his way back south from business in the north-east. A lovely surprise bonus visit albeit fleeting.

Unfortunately the traffic on the M1 north is equally horrific and Sally’s journey takes her 5 hours.

As we wait for her to arrive, I get the chance to inspect the MMM (Male Menopause Motor) in daylight. I can now properly appreciate the red leather interior. Nice…

This feature seems to divide opinion roughly along gender lines:
Typical Male Response = “ooh sex on wheels”
Typical Female Response = “ooh wipe clean perviness”

Still I shouldn’t be so disparaging – Sally and I still scabbed a lift to That Café in the MMM before we waved him on his way.

With DC safely dispatched, Sally and I set to the main activity of the evening, namely the investigation of what happens when you set against each other two contrary culinary certainties.

Rule 1: I’ve never had a less than stunning meal in That Café
Rule 2: Sally always gets a dodgy meal

Haapily the powers of Chef Alison Eastman outweigh the Sally cuisine jinx and we both enjoy fantastic meals and are the last to leave.

Back home we sit up, putting the world to rights until the wee small hours – bliss!

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