Saturday, May 28, 2005

Urban Festival

As I make my way through St Anne's Square, I weave through the Flower Market accompanied to the sounds of a three piece rockabilly busking outfit.

As I head onwards, their sound is soon overtaken by the Samba band and dancers that regularly congregate outside Marks and Spencers. In turn as I head down between Selfridges and Harvey Nichols their throbbing beat fades to background as a lone blue's musician takes up his place in turn in my aural journey.

In exchange square people are sitting around enjoying the fantastic sunshine. Occasionally a cheer or a groan goes up from those watching the football on the Big Screen.

Finally heading up Market Street we have the violinist and more traditional busking set-up of "bloke with guitar".

I think I understand what Sally meant last week, when she said walking around Manchester was like being at a festival, always three different sorts of music to be heard in the background at any one time.

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