Monday, May 23, 2005

Animal Farm

Communication amongst the Book Group has fallen down a bit of late.

Having read the book (Animal Farm) I grab a drink in the usual bar and wait to see if anyone turns up.

Sadly I’m left like a nobby no-mates, but I don’t mind because I get the chance to speak to Sally on the mobile and celebrate the good news. After a trying two weeks I’m over the moon about the positive resolution. A huge Yay!

I head round to S&P’s via the shops to check the house one last time before they return home from Namibia early tomorrow morning.

I drop off a few items of food, so they will at least be able to pull together some simple meals when they get back. Well I say simple – it include fresh pasta and as you may remember this manages to stump me and Caroline on a bad day…

As I lock up I realise something in the front yard has changed. I swear someone has mowed the grass.


We’ve spoken and texted occasionally over the past month, but I miss having them around the corner to meet up with. It’ll be good to have them back home.

Just not sure how I’m going to explain the lawn-cutting.

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