Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tampopo and new arrival

Well after the gardening, diying and gutter-clearing I felt I deserved a night out. So after a very long shower I headed into town to join up with J’s birthday celebrations.

The gutter clearing left me running late so I miss the pre-meal drinks and meet them at Tampopo for a fine meal and plenty of wine.

Probably a bit too much wine…and too much rice…followed by too much ‘sensible water drinking’ when I got home. Net result not good and a fall gratefully into bed feeling decidedly the worse for wear.

Thankfully this morning I felt fine and finish off some of the gardening, pop to the shops and then head round to see M and R and the new arrival baby C. She’s cute enough as babies go (I don’t really do babies) and very entertaining when mid nappy change she emits an intense jet of runny yellow shite all over dad’s hand (thankfully I was in charge of the ‘safe’ end!)

Of course given her father is know in certain festival circles by his working title of M Noise, I suppose it’s reasonable to little C “Baby Noise”. Which as the afternoon turns into evening becomes an increasingly appropriate moniker.

Whilst M and I take her for a walk to settle her down, R knocks up a fab roast dinner. Suddenly I ook at my watch at it’s gone 9. I get home to rush off some Greenbelt emails and then head (still aching) to bed.

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