Saturday, May 14, 2005

Let there be light...

Just over a year ago I spent a fairly miserably Saturday trying to replace the lights on the side of my house that illuminate the garden. Things didn’t go well when I just couldn’t get the wiring right, which combined with the old fashioned fuse board that blows with a bang as you put the fuse back in, did nothing for my mood.

In the end I gave up, made it safe and watertight and abandoned the project as twilight kicked in.

Since then a kindly Elec Eng gave me a circuit diagram that confirmed what should be going on between the various lights and switches. So all I needed was a free dry Saturday with good light.

Well that and the motivation.

So today I figured that I ought to make the most of what could well be the last free weekend for some time (festival season and all) and get back up the ladder.

Well to cut a very long story short – I eventually tracked down the problem to a faulty switch and eventually triumphed.

I now have two fully functioning shiny new wall lights.

What I really want however is a certificate…or a parade in my honour…or something.

Still at least my neighbour was impressed as she asked if she could borrow the ladder to clean out her gutters. Despite having 3 sons (one has pins in his leg so fair play, the other one is a bit of a waster and the third is too posh nowadays to want to get dirty) she was planning to get up the ladder herself. Somehow letting a 70 year old climb ladders to clear gutters, didn’t seem on and seeing as I was already covered in dirt…

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