Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Catching up

It was a quiet weekend – not intentionally – the mother of all migraines hit.

Accordingly plans were cancelled, Saturday just didn’t happen at all and I managed to only squeeze a few pain free hours out of Sunday.

Monday seemed to follow directly on from Friday night and did nothing to help me re-orientate myself in the week. Having taken a half-day’s leave, mid-afternoon Monday finds me on a train to London, something that would normally signify the start of a weekend.

A few hours later I’m back on a train back to Manchester, this new monthly pattern is going to take some getting used to.

In between the two journeys, I attend my first Management Group meeting.

I was somewhat nervous, but fortunately everyone was really lovely and welcoming…and hopefully fairly forgiving of the fact that the ‘small’ matter I got asked to table, turned out to be the one item of the evening that was slightly contentious.

The journey home is as efficient and on-schedule as the one down, but is somewhat overshadowed, by a phone call (well actually several calls thanks to the horrendously patchy mobile signal on the London-Manchester route) from a friend. Bad news. I feel sick for her. There is nothing I can say to make it any better. Oh crap…

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