Tuesday, December 04, 2007


In general I like Oxfam, I like their aims and on the whole I like the way they go about getting there. Overall I like the cut of their jib.

Heck, providing you also manage to keep the fun and the "I love you, you mad, crazy bastard" element in present-giving alive, I even approve of the concept of including 'ethical' presents like those available from Oxfam Unwrapped, in this season of goodwill.

This year's Oxfam Unwrapped advert's pretty ok too; not laugh out loud funny maybe, but amusing in its way and you can see what they're trying to achieve. And, in as much as I have any feelings on such matters, the bunch of celebrities gathered together in said film, are an ok bunch of folk. Helen Mirren - a fine, fine actor and strickingly beautiful; Rob Brydon - a very clever and funny man, born with a face for comedy; Helena Bonham-Carter - fine actor and you've got to admire her 'take no prisoners' approach to exploring an individualistic fashion sense.

All good. So why, oh sweet Lord why, did they have to include Helena's ridiculous giggle at the end.

It's driving me nuts.

Still I'm never happy I guess, last year's Alpaca Package was far more entertaining, but came with the slightly bitter pill of corporate tie-in with Mastercard.

Ah sod it, let's shake off this bah humbug mentality.

Come on it's nearly Christmas, let's stop finding the annoying and crap in everything. Go on, crack a smile I dare you.

Get into the spirit. Maybe even buy a goat. Throw caution to the wind - buy a herd!

But make sure the people in whose name you buy these beasts, still get the message that you love them. Don't lose the fun, don't forget to celebrate the joy of this time of year. So maybe couple the worthy goat with something that tells them how much you love them eh?

Christ on a bike maybe?


Jude said...

Oh My (Tin-Machine-Loving) God.

That Christ-On-A-Bike has made my weekend.

miss you

1 i z said...

Miss you too gorgeous Jude. We need to find new ways of meeting up, now the 5 o'clock club has de facto been disbanded :-(

Though I confess it's a stretch of my theology to think that even the most bountiful and loving of Gods is able to look positively upon Tim Machine...