Monday, December 03, 2007

A crimp in the day

The current trend for puff sleeves is all well and good, but how the hell are you supposed to iron them?

Still, serves me right for going against one of the maxims that has served me immensely well in life~: if it needs ironing, why did you buy it?

Trouble is some things catch my magpie like eye and no amount of hanging them on the back of the bathroom door whilst having a hot shower, will steam the creases out adequately.

There's still no excuse for weirdos that iron things like underwear and tea-towels. Mother I love you dearly, you are a domestic goddess in many, many ways, but on this score j'accuse.

Just think of the amount of electricity and hence fossil fuels my dear ma has worked her way through over the years in her pursuit of the crease-free life. It's positively my environmental duty to redress the balance.

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Still, this doesn't solve my dilemma about the puff sleeves. I mean, I've ironed the rest of it now, it makes the sleeves look even more crumply.

Back of the bathroom door? It's got to be worth a shot.

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Rainbow dreams said...

do the puff proud???? how odd! I wonder.. though I do have a new top I don't plan on ironing...

am generally of the opinion that ironing is a total waste of time and energy - it'll be creased as soon as you put it I haven't a clue how to iron puff sleeves... perhaps a puff of steam upwards might help it...?