Saturday, December 08, 2007


It was a fine plan; a night away (the wonderful S took on all the admin and found a lovely hotel in Hathersage) and then a day in the country.

After a fine curry in a 'local' tandoori, we settled in to the hotel's comfy lounge and whilst S supped decaf coffee, P explored some rare single malts and I opted for the comfort of a few Baileys.

And then we decided that we needed to educate ourselves in the ways of Brandy...

Next morning, over a hearty breakfast we watch as the weather closes in and our plans become increasingly unrealistic.

Desiring a more local forecast than that provided in the national papers, P is dispatched up the road to the Outdoor shop, which carries walker's weather forecasts.

Rain, rain, maybe some wet snow and more rain...

P asks the shop assistants if they have a better forecast. They ask if he means more accurate. No, he replies, just a better one. They tell him it's 30 degrees C on the top of Kinder Scout. We don't believe them.

Maybe we should go to Chatsworth and explore the gardnes and maze? The rain grows heavier as we speak, sufficient to make any out door activity seem deeply unattractive.

We drive to Matlock Baths in the hope of trips on the cable car and or steam railway. Both are closed.

Arkwrights Mill is disappointing.

We return to Bakewell and mooch around the shops getting soaked before sheltering in the Treeline's gallery and cafe.

Icy, heavy rain makes any outdoor activity seem folly and with P still recovering from a cold, enough is enough and we head home.

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