Friday, December 07, 2007


Having soft lighting in the bedroom may be eco-friendly and make for a suitably relaxing ambiance, but it has its downsides.

Early start this morning and still pitch black outside as I dress in a hurry.

It’s only once I’m in the car and turning out the road, do I realise I have the ‘wrong’ colour trousers on. Similar material and style, but definitely dark navy rather than black and decidedly not going with the rest of today’s outfit.

Three-point turn, back into house, run upstairs, quick change, double check, dash downstairs, reset alarm, lock up, into car, back on my way.

Time to buy a higher wattage bulb maybe?


Cal said...

Friend of mine once turned up at work with different shoes on. Seriously - left and right did not match; not even the same height.

She ended up sitting on the doorstep of a shoe shop waiting for them to open.

Charlotte said...

The other day I made exactly the same error. I have linen trousers in black and navy.

Was sitting at my desk at work and it was only then I noticed I had picked navy trousers to go with my black cardigan, black socks and black shoes. Took the cardigan off and had to live with it.

sally said...

Oh, me too, so easily done..I have a black pair and navy pair of identical day I am sitting in ameeting, look down as I cross my legs, and see my black boots sticking out from under obviously navy trousers. My top was a different colour and I realised that far from looking co-ordinated and lvoely, I in fact looked a mess. Not a good look is it!

Rob (the ergonomist). said...

Hmmm. Must be a girl thing.

Personally (And this is based on historical events) I'd have shrugged my shoulders and thought "nobody will really notice, and even if they do, then that's their problem, not mine".

If I am not actually being caused discomfort by my mismatching clothing, then I'm not bothered.

Myn said...

Yes Rob.
I'm the one your mother turns to and tells me I shouldn't have let you out looking like that.