Friday, May 25, 2007

Phone call

As the meeting breaks up and the Client is half way out the door, my phone buzzes. It's The Lovely Jude. I answer, asking if I can call her back and she just has time to get the words "ok, I was just ringing to see if you wanted to come and see Rufus Wainwright at the Old Vic on Sunday?".

It's a strange sensation trying not to squeal with excitement in a meeting room.

By the time the Client has finally departed (he came back to my desk for a chat...) and I get on the internet, my initial instant positive response starts to fade - the West Coast Mainline is closed for engineering works. The usual two and a bit hour train journey would now be closer to five with multiple changes and bus replacement elements.

The coach is cheaper but takes a similar amount of time. Pushing eco-concerns to one side I check out flights, but combined with high costs particualrly for the outward journey it's not really an option.


I place a quick call to my buddies. I need advice. I'm tired, I have the Personal Licence Holder training and exam tomorrow and busy weeks ahead - do I need a long journey to and from London? How much do I want to see Jude and get to this gig? If I don't go will I regret it forever, or, if I go, will I overdo things and end up regretting that?

Stuart does his best to advise me, but by the time he says "I mean he's good but it's not like you haven't seen Rufus before...", I stop him in his tracks and ask to speak to K - I need to talk someone who understands.

Perhaps predictably enough her response is different to Stu's. It's the push I need - she's right I will probably really regret this if I don't go for it.

A chance to spend time with Jude and get to see Rufus? It just has to be done.

So decision made, I ring Jude back and book the coach.


Boatylicious said...

You most certainly NOT regret that decision!! Well done.

Boatylicious said...

... certainly WILL not regret... sorry, I'm sleepy.

Merlin said...

Life should never have regrets. Don't even take a chance you would have one. Live it.