Monday, May 07, 2007

Firefighters or Strippers?

Thanks to the BBC for this story:

"A group of firefighters were mobbed by women who thought they were part of the act when they arrived to tackle a blaze during a strip show."

It appears that the mistaking of emergency personnel for strippers works both ways.

Though to be fair, I'm not sure one can really be said to be impersonating a police officer if you have the word Stripper emblazoned on the back of your stab vest.


sally said...

It's in the detail...did you notice at the end of the story, it says the fire was put out with cold water. there ever a reason one would use hot water???

stuart said...

The thing that amused me about the policeman was that at the end of the report in the paper it said 'two female officers arrested him after he had finished his routine' - mmmmm no comment needed I think!

1 i z said...

Sally - you're so right I hadn't noticed that little detail. As long as it's wet, is there ever a reason one would care either way re temperature?

Stuart - now I had noticed that bit. Nice to see some well thought out policing... ;-)