Monday, May 28, 2007

Journey Home

After a lovely brunch with Jude and her sister C, I head south a little to my parents (the other justification for the airplane ticket indulgence, being that I can squeeze in a visit to the folks).

It’s great to be able to spend some bonus time with them and with a whole afternoon and good part of the evening together it’s good to catch up.

Then on to Gatwick, in plenty of time as I have no ID with me beyond bank cards, which BA tell me should be ok, but might not be (not terribly helpful advice really).

Anyway, having placed half the items in my wash bag in the ‘liquids and gels’ bag thing and taken my shoes off (I’m suspicious that this latter policy has been introduced by National Express as a means of trying to even up the playing field), I pass through security without issue and arrive in the departure lounge with well over an hour to kill.

What to do? What to do?

Oh look all the shops are open and the majority of the ‘tax-free’ is available to all passengers (ask yourself what the standard mark-up must be to make that one fly…).

It seems only reasonable to try and make as much of my £54 fare back in savings as I can.

However, I’m good and resist all shoes and even the half price Billy Bags, satisfying myself with some YSL Touche Eclat and a Diesel courier bag adding up to savings of £32. Not bad.

Well ok, not strictly speaking good either, but…

The flight is ease itself and after less than 40mins in the air, and a 10minute taxi ride, I’m home swiftly, with time to prepare for tomorrow, before hitting the sack after what has been a very busy, but extremely excellent bank holiday weekend.


Boatylicious said...

That is classic "Lori Accounting" wherein, for instance: I was expecting to pay a $400 speeding ticket and had accepted that, by the time the policeman had come back to the car to actually issue the ticket, he had reduced it to $60 (why? we'll never know...). That meant, I had an extra $340 to spend shopping in Montreal!!! Yay!!! Brilliant.

1 i z said...

Lori, I'm so glad someone else understands this approach to financial management. What else were you to do with the suddenly 'spare' $340?

And why do some people seem to only focus on the 75% you do pay not the 25% you save? Pah! Foolish souls, they're no shopping buddies off mine...

stuart said...