Sunday, May 13, 2007

Duke Special

Still exhausted after the party, in many ways I could do without a gig tonight and my gig buddy Staurt feels likewise.

Duke Special is however the perfect end to a hectic weekend. He is one of those performers that has the rare talent to transport you from you earthly concerns and carry you away on soaring waves of beauty.

Truly beautiful.

And to cap it all off, they perform the last song in the middle of the audience and then as we're leaving we find ourselves in the absolutely perfect spot for a bonus number performed in a doorway on one of the exit routes.

The band, Stuart, myself and two other lucky punters - now that's what I call an intimate gig!

1 comment:

LauraHD said...

no way! then again the six of us did form the front row of the number in the middle of the room, so can't reeeallly complain...