Saturday, November 19, 2005

Greenbelt Planning Weekend pt 2

Obviously we all went straight to bed after the pub last night and are all up bright eyed and bushy tailed for the meeting Saturday morning.

The two groups get together for a bit of an ice-breaker session, where we all draw images that represent Greenbelt to us.

I’m slightly disturbed by how many people draw rabbits.

Can’t imagine why…

After that it’s on to the serious business and with the two groups breaking off into separate areas, it’s meeting after meeting all day (a Safety team meeting does away with my chance of a couple of hours off in the afternoon).

It’s good to be in this place, hearing people dream dreams and scheme schemes.

We end the day’s work element with a joint session looking at how we develop the site/festival in coming years.

After a buffet tea and an early start on the drinking duties, Sally and David present yet another classic pub quiz (with their able scoreboard assistant Maria). Much silliness ensues.

Then someone brings out a truly cheesy Karaoke DVD.

And someone else starts bringing out tambourines, triangles and other things that can be struck and rattled in annoying ways.

In a way it’s touching to know someone like Sally, who still sees and hopes for the best in people. Even people like me…

Item after item she hands over in response to my appeals of “oooh Sall can I have that tambourine please?”.

It takes a while for her to twig that our group are strangely lacking in percussive activity, despite the number of items I’ve relieved her of. Slowly the realisation dawns that far from it being a case “ah bless, even L1z and co are keen and joining in”, it’s more a question of ‘L1z and co have decided to embark on a disarmament programme – taking the weapons of mass disruption out of circulation'.

Steve S shoves some up his jumper, others get hidden under the coffee table and Shaun does a fine line in stuffing a few down the side of the sofa (a bit too far down as we realise, when we need Rob the Doctor to perform elbow deep surgery to reclaim the triangle…).

People are probably right, I’m a bad person.

Eventually the cheesiness of the karaoke becomes too much for certain of our group to bear and I’m persuaded to join them in a schism to the main house (log fire, more booze, no Village People covers…it’s a tough call).

Somewhere around 3.30am Steve S makes a plaster cast of Geoff’s face (photos to follow).

A fabulous way to round off the evening.

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