Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday night in/Friday night out

Sometimes friends just ring at the right moment, with the right suggestion. After a stressful week I was all set for a quiet night in, with a plate of pasta, Friday night telly and an early night.

Then Stuart rings with the opener “What are you doing?” .

“I’ve just started eating my tea” I reply (hopefully in a tone that successfully conveys “I really want to speak to you, my wonderful, valued friend, but just for 5 minutes, because then my pasta will be cold”).

I am a little taken aback by his response of “Stop!”

But sometimes I guess you need to be stern with your friends. And the occasion of taking them out to the Punjab for a curry probably qualifies.

Half an hour later he and Karen call to pick me up (lifts and everything…I’m truly being spoiled).

In gratitude to their extreme kindness and excellent friendship, I will refrain from mentioning the first words out of each of their respective mouths…let’s just say sometimes comfortable friendship can cross the line into the realm of ‘two much information’.

Back home another late night phone call means my plans of an early night also go for a Burton.

Still there's a nice plate of cold pasta in the fridge for tomorrow - yum!

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