Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A holy or a broken hallelujah...

With less than 70 days to go until Greenbelt, the pressure is mounting.

Ben’s day job has gone ballistic and is taking all his energy right now, so I’m back, once again, immersed in venue management issues on top of everything else.

Oh the joys of every spare waking hour being spent pouring through emails and spreadsheets, trying to resolve issues, attempting to fix Venue Managers and teams for 50 plus venues, updating guides and risk assessment compilers, worrying about secure webspace and FAQs, checking we have everything covered, reconciling competing egos, looking to give everyone the role that suits them best, trying to claw back some time…


Just occasionally though a bit of sunshine breaks through. Like hearing from R out of the blue (R being the person who passed me his new contact details at the London 'Brainstorming' evening back in January and said "I'm up for doing something again this year").

Now I know I put his card somewhere safe, but well that 'somewhere' has since proved very elusive (and no, before you ask, it seems the office only have his old details too…). So how relieved am I that he follows up today with a text? Ringing him back, not only is he forgiving, but he also agrees to take on a really key role that I just know will come alive under his care. Fabulous!

It seems very appropriate that playing on my iPod right now is Jeff Buckley’s version of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah.

(of course there's still the small matter of there having been two business cards that I put "somewhere" safe that fateful night in January...and I can't even remember whose the second one was. On the off chance you're that person and you're reading this...)

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