Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Caravan Gallery

On the last train back to Manchester on Monday night, I take a break from the spreadsheets and emails on the laptop, to flick through Virgin Train's Hotline Magazine.

Outside of listening guides for the audio channels and prices for the sandwiches I never expect to find too much of value in this publication. Occasionally however you stumble upon a pleasant surprise.

This time an article on The Caravan Gallery catches my eye.

It's a very British sort of project this; an art gallery contained in a touring caravan, on a mission to record the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of life in 21st century Britain.

A quick flick through of some of the postcards they have created to reflect the places they have visited, give you a flavour of what they're about.

As do the results from the surveys they ask visitors to the caravan to complete:
99% of people surveyed would rather die than arrange a pre-paid funeral.
17% of people surveyed have won meat in a raffle.
30% of people surveyed have seen their parents naked.
18% of people surveyed avoid their neighbours when out shopping.
57% of people surveyed manage to kill houseplants without even trying.
Alan Titchmarsh is loved and loathed in equal measure.
Hang on....17% of people surveyed have won meat in a raffle?!?!? WTF?

Their touring calendar is here - check them out if they're coming to your neck of the woods soon. If you're not to busy winning pork chops that is...

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