Sunday, June 05, 2005

Alabama then home

Another quiet day at the festival. The most exciting point being responding to a call that suggested that the lovely MD of the racecourse was on his own dealing with a bunch of skater lads that had gained entry and were, it appeared, possibly stoning him.

Having screamed across site in the Hi-Lux, with Stuart coming close to losing the back end as we cornered rather tightly, I was somewhat glad to see the MD fine and dandy and discover that the subject of the stoning had in fact been a car.

Ah well…it broke up the day.

I hang on to see the start of the Alabama 3 set, which was cracking. Knowledge of a meeting tomorrow morning with the client forces me to be sensible though and head off long before curfew.

I arrive back in Manchester just after midnight, strangely not exhausted and wiped out. This really isn’t like going to a certain other festival…

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