Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Present Dilemas

Buying birthday gifts for a new partner can feel like a bit of a test. How well do you really know this person and their likes and dislikes? Can you get them something they’ll truly like, rather than something you’d like them to like?

In Stewart’s case it hasn’t been helped by the fact that no sooner does he mention in conversation that he’d quite fancy this DVD or that CD, then he goes out and buys it. Shouldn’t there be a moratorium on personal purchasing for two weeks leading up to a person’s birthday?

After extensive internet searching and much indecision I’ve settled on three items:

He keeps banging on about the new version of Battlestar Galactica and in passing refers very fondly to the original series (less dark, more camp apparently...). So whilst I don’t want to indulge the sci-fi geek side of his nature, I repeat the mantra of “what they want, not what you would like them to want” and track done a DVD box set of the entire original series.

Music is probably about the most important thing in his life and the New York scene from the 70’s one of his truest loves. I’ve heard more than once about all the places he visited in New York, when he travelled there last year. Frankly the trip was a pilgrimage and CBGBs was the golden temple at which he worshipped. So a vintage CBGBs T’shirt in a colour I know he likes seems like a good bet.

Finally for the more frivolous pressie. Obviously this is where ebay comes in. I nearly plump for a Stormtrooper helmet, but that does seem to be going a bit too far, so instead I manage to find something that combines his love of Star Wars with his love of smoking: a zippo style lighter engraved with a stormtooper helmet symbol. I give it a week before he loses it mind!

Judgement will take place tonight...wish me luck!

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