Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Better Deal...

Curry tonight with Phil and Sarah in the Punjab.

Unfortunately their weekend hasn’t been quite as chilled as mine. Whilst Stewart and I were holed up in a pub in Dobcross, they were cycling over Snake Pass. This bizarrely at one point also included having cheese and tomato sandwiches and general obscenities thrown at them by some louts in a passing car.

Similarly, whilst I had today to myself, pottering around the house, making phone calls to old friends and watching Little Britain on DVD, Sarah had a service to take in the morning and a funeral visit to undertake in the afternoon.

I can’t help thinking that with my weekend of a Spinal Tap-esque films, lie ins, trips to the country, pub lunches, peace and quiet, long phone-calls, DVDs etc… all rounded off by a trip to the Punjab was the more preferable option.

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