Wednesday, October 06, 2004

F***muppet Rant #2

Isn’t amazing how someone you have never met in person can hack you off so instantly and completely in the course of their first two emails.

It would be inappropriate to go into too much detail about this particular w@nker’s crimes, but that's not going to prevent me getting this little rant off my chest:

Sir you are a f***wit, who it would seem: has trouble recognising that the world is no longer single gender and who undermines people by making stupid decisions that fall outside of your area of expertise. To cap it all you then fail to even have the courtesy to tell that person so that they might avoid looking like a complete arse in front of a third party.

All these opinions I will keep to myself though in the guise of professionalism, but you will be getting an email from myself and another expert washing our hands of the shite decision you have taken.

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