Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Whistler

Our section of the office has a new comer.

Isn't whistling in public a hanging offence?

And the offenders are always of a certain age, aren't they? And the sort that would be the first to complain about someone's ring tone.

Still, I must try to keep this in proportion in terms of my response. After all I'm a reasonable, mature adult and there's little point saying anything anyway, it seems to be a sub-conscious activity on the part of the guilty party.

No, I'll just have to settle for ripping off his f*cking head and shoving his whistling, f*cking face up his corduroy-clad, saggy arse.

Happy New Year everyone.


sally said...

That's what I like about you honey. Such a mature, measured, response. But understandable...does he try and carry a tune, or is it the very nasty tuneless under the breath kind of whistling? Something may have to be said.....and sounds like it's not his only offence!!!

Kathryn said...

There was a horrible PD James murderer known as The Whistler (can't remember which book, just that I was utterly terrified) - so am kind of relieved that this whistler is more likely to be the victim in this season of retrospective peace and goodwill :-)

Rainbow dreams said...

They do appear to be a breed all of their own closely related to the tutters and the tappers of this world who seem to possess similar irritating characteristics.
I'm sure there is a suitable response to it somewhere... :)

1 i z said...

I was going to respond to Sally, by saying that outside of the whistling crime, he seems like a thoroughly nice chap. However, having read Kathryn's comment I'm beginning to suspect that the whistling may be the outward incarnation of an inner evil.

Katie - well I'm not sure if it was suitable in terms of 'response', but today a colleague and I discussed, loud enough for 'him' to overhear, how annoying things like people whistling in the office are.

Of course in light of my greater understanding of the situation courtesy of Kathryn, I fear all we'll have achieved is marking ourselves out as targets.

If I this blog falls quiet for more than a week, you know who to mention to the police eh?